Recent Projects

Foggy Mountain Forge: Artisanal Blacksmiths In Vancouver Island

foggy mountain forge logo

Foggy Mountain Forge is a family-run blacksmithing and metalwork business located in Vancouver Island. Their work is renowned for its tongue-in-cheek creativity and originality, but their old website looked clumsy and outdated.

Project type

  • Full website redesign
  • Logo design
  • Customised template

Problems solved

  • The client's website had not been updated since 2012.
  • Content updates were done by the designer and support was limited to a number of hours / year.
  • The content's tone was dry and didn't reflect the playful character of the business and its owners.
  • Content was not optimised for search engine ranking purposes, and there were several duplicate pages.
  • The design relied on clip art and was not mobile friendly.

What I did

  • Simplified the navigation by narrowing down the client's work categories from 13 to 4. This eliminated redundancies and duplicate content and offered site visitors a clear overview of the work the client does.
  • Provided Content Management System training to make sure the client has full control over the site's content and is able to update the site as needed.
  • Provided basic training on search engine optimisation and advised on social media strategy.
  • Selected and customised a modern and fully responsive theme that highlights the visual component of the client's work.

Project motto

Make the website match the company's unique personality.

What the client says

Love the new website, it is amazing!!! What a wonderful job you have done!!!

Finished project

Live website: Foggy Mountain Forge

Before & After

Click on each photo to see a full-screen image, or visit the client's site to view the full project.

Old homepage
Old photo gallery
New homepage
New photo gallery

Bangkok for Vegans: The Complete Vegan Guide to Bangkok

bangkok for vegans logo

Bangkok for Vegans is an online guide and one-stop resource for all things related to veganism and healthy living in Bangkok, Thailand. During my frequent trips to Bangkok, I kept hearing people mention that there wasn't a single source of information available, so I decided to create my own with this passion project.

Project type

  • New website design and content strategy
  • Logo design
  • Fully custom-coded site

Problems solved

  • Lack of an up-to-date online source of information in English for both residents and travellers.
  • Generalised unawareness of small local businesses catering to the Bangkok vegan community.
  • Language barriers when ordering vegan meals.

What I did

  • Carried out user research to find what the local vegan community struggled with when it came to finding accurate information online.
  • Identified the most commonly requested products and created a searchable directory linking to local shops and suppliers.
  • Created an educational food guide with a Thai language translation of common special dietary requirements.

Project motto

Inform, educate, and make discovery easy

What users say

Can't begin to tell you how great it is and so needed! Thank you!

Wonderful! Thank you, I’ll be recommending your site to lots of people!

This is amazing, thank you so much

Finished project

Bangkok for Vegans

Project Screenshots

Click on each photo to see a full-screen image, or visit the live website to view the full project.

Homepage-Photos function a navigation
Food guide with Thai translations
Searchabe product directory
Searchable restaurant directory

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