"I help owners of small businesses capitalise on their website so they can attract a wider audience, build brand loyalty, and stand out from the rest"


Hello! I'm Damaris, and as a language specialist with international experience, I know that effective communication is critical to business success. However, many business websites fail in this respect by not providing the right information or by having it in the wrong place.

I launched More Than Content with the objective of helping businesses communicate the right message through compelling content that is logically organised. To achieve this, I draw on my broad-ranging expertise in content development, as well as on my background in social anthropology and cross-cultural communication. These skills are critical in bridging the gap between user behaviour, corporate culture, and business objectives.

My information architecture and content development services are available to SMEs and digital agencies.

Skills & Knowledge

Content Analysis

Content analysis is a diagnostic tool that can help identify which aspects of your digital content need attention. I use a variety of content analysis techniques to ensure that your content is relevant, useful, up-to-date, and meaningful.

User Research

My information architecture services are underpinned by user research data, which ensures that your digital content and its placement make sense to existing and prospective clients.

Web Development

My knowledge of web development allows me to liaise with technical teams as and when required. This ensures that information architecture strategies are effectively and thoroughly implemented.


Since 2012 I have been creating clear and compelling copy that delivers what websites need and what users expect.

SEO & Keyword Research

I bring to the table extensive knowledge of SEO and keyword research techniques to ensure that your website content makes sense to both humans and search engines.

Taxonomies & Metadata

My knowledge of web taxonomies and metadata can help e-commerce websites and large intranet sites by organising, labelling, and making content easily accessible.

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

I design research-driven information architecture and content development strategies that take into account human and technical factors.

Why Work With Me?

Honest pricing and advice: not everyone requires a complete website overhaul. In some cases, implementing a better information architecture will only require minor changes, such as tweaking the navigation or re-designing the layout of a specific page.

I have been a location-independent freelancer for six years and I have clients in Australia, Italy, Mexico, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. I know what it takes to keep your online presence on point, no matter where you are located.

I believe that my clients should understand what they are paying for and what they are getting in exchange. Your questions will be answered in plain and jargon-free English.

By offering integrated information architecture and content development services, I can lay the groundwork for a solid and coherent user experience. Integrated services are more effective and less-time consuming than going for a piecemeal approach where every little change has to go through a long chain of command. However, and if you prefer it, I can also liaise with your own team of web developers or content strategists.

Last but not least, I'm passionate about my job and I thrive on turning average websites into useable and useful digital spaces that do their job and make yours easier.


Let's talk!